Baby Penelope

Does doing what you love give a person  a gorgeous glow, a beautiful soul and amazing style?

If I was going by thee lady photographers I have had the pleasure of meeting I would have to say yes. Maybe it’s a photographer thing?  Each of the three lady-photographers I’m talking about are very different, each beautiful, strong, well-styled, well balanced, down to earth, fabulous ladies.  One of these ladies just had twins, another is about to pop any day now. My relationship to the second is sweaty, difficult, and educational; I know her from CrossFit. Get this, she can still bust out a row of unbroken push-up, baby-in-womb-9-months pregante-and all. AMAZING, she even smiles through it all.

Check her work out here

The other two beauties you can find here and here.

Now on to the shower, our gluten free shower. And, yes, I am proud, this was my first GF party.


Recipe links: GF Brown Rice Salad, GF Chinese Chicken Salad, Shrimp, Avocado, Mango Salad, Chocolate Cupcakes



ps. Do you have any idea the utter horror that ran through my bones taking a photograph of 2 photographer, at the same time! Eak.

Thank you Susan for the use of the gym! Thank you Jules and Val for co-hostessing!!!!


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