Inspired by an Affair


Last year some friends and I partook in a tasty affair, Wine Roads Annual Food and Wine Affair, if you haven’t gone to this event check it out, it’s tasty and fun. I thought I remember this being a delicious recipe, but it was towards the end of a very long, hard day of wine tasting anything could have been delicious, or not, I don’t recall.    


The winery, who’s name I also do not recall, served this on tri-tip. I served it on chicken that was marinated in white wine, herbs, lemon and a lot of garlic. I added a few herbs, changed the amount, added more acid and used black forest bacon. I don’t care for black forest bacon, it’s not nearly as flavorful as regular or apple-wood bacon. I took the left over chicken added it to some lettuce and called it a salad. I added some extra lemon and vinegar, then some water to the chimichurri and turned it into a salad dressing. I love this stuff!.

Bacon Chimichurri  


¼ C garlic cloves
1 C flat-leaf parsley leaves, we used ½ the grocery store bunch.
½ C oregano leaves, we used a whole grocery store bunch
½ C cliantro
3 green onions
¼  cup rice vinegar
½ C lemon juice
1 T lemon zest
1 Colive oil
½ lb bacon

Salt and pepper
big pinch of chili powder

Roughly chop the bacon. Cook it in pan on the stove over med heat. When done, remove the bacon, chop into small pieces, save the grease.

In the bowl of a food processor add the garlic though the lemon zest. Pulse the everything about 5 times, for 2-3 seconds each time, until everything is chopped up.

To herb mixture, add ⅓ cup, give or take, of the bacon pieces and 2 Tablespoons of the bacon grease.

Turn the food processor on and slowly stream in the oil.

Season with salt, pepper and the chili powder.


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