Summer Cocktail: Adult Creamsicle

I am lucky and blessed. I have some great people as friends.  Saturday morning I try to meet with one of them to run. She runs, I die. Last Saturday  we  celebrated her accomplishment with a flash back cocktail.  The was the most refreshing post run drink! It’s a perfect balance of sweet and tart, the cream makes it just luxurious enough. It brought us right back to our childhood, until we tried to stand up and felt every ache and pain, we poured a second round and quickly sat back down. Ahhhhh…….

Creamsicle Cocktail

Make 4 big, glasses.

1 cup Whipped Cream (we used the stuff from the can)
1 cup Orange Juice
½ cupTriple Sec
½ cup Whipped cream flavored vodka
4 cup Ice

Put everything in the blender and turn it on. Make sure the lid is on tight or you won’t be happy.
Optional, garnish with more whipped cream and an orange slice.

 Click here for the printable recipe

3 thoughts on “Summer Cocktail: Adult Creamsicle

  1. So do I have to be a runner just to get one of these, or can I just be sitting in a comfy chair watching a sunset ???

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