As Flo Rida says:

She just turned 21.

Now she’s all up in the club havin’ hella fun. She says she wanna rock all night. Go ready and….

Actually she wasn’t all up in the club, she was at home.  I don’t know where she is now, but I’m sure she’s ‘havin’ hella fun’. She didn’t need to go to the club, all the best parts of the club came to her.  And, we even had somethings that the club doesn’t have, like, 4 foot hot pink martini glasses and more desserts than Willy Wonka.






One thought on “As Flo Rida says:

  1. Looks like you have been busy with the parties.
    All the food looks lovely. You have a real flair for food you can photograph.
    How is everything else going?
    Take care.

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