Why Babies are Made

Babies are made so I can throw baby showers, then Birthday parties.

And, incase you were wondering, this is how those babies are made:

I grew up in a small town, with 7 cousins who are more like sibling than cousins. There must have been something in the water, or my Grandma slipped them fertility drugs, because there isn’t more than a year between any of us. We sure did have some fun as kids, and now some of those crazy kids are off getting married and having kids of their own, as if we are, like, grown up or something.

Cousin #2, in age order, let me throw her a Baby Shower. I use the word ‘let’ loosely. On a weekly basis she threatened to disown me because I started dictating planning the shower before the bun had been confirmed in the oven.  When the bun  was confirmed to be a girl I was very excited. I found this pink and white fabric with modern giraffes and elephants and pink zebra print. I was as excited as a 3 year old on Christmas with chocolate cake for breakfast. Pink Jungle.  Cosmos, pink lemonade with champagne, cupcakes, cake-pops, cotton candy. Yes! I love cotton candy.


Cousin #2 states there will be no pink.

The tears started to flow and I went hunting for non-pink baby shower ideas.

So to the rest of you, friends, family, strangers, next one of you with a girl guess what you’re getting?

Cousin #2 and I made peace on lavender and gray, I added some dark purple because I’m always changing things.












































A few things that didn’t get photographed: Blueberry Lemonade Blackberry-Pomegranate Mimosa and the purple wine glasses, and a bunch of the food, but let’s keep it real, the drinks are  more important.

Special thanks to LV for making the uterus, the best baby shower game to date.



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