Happy Birthday to ME

Yup, that’s right, I threw myself a birthday party.  Wow, did I learn a thing or two. First, thank you to my Grandma and Papa for driving over 8 hours that day to make it. I love you and truly am grateful for all your love and support. Thank you to my Mommy, for loving me through, well, you know. To Michelle for the days of pomp-poms, to Tonya for opening them. Thank you to Aunt Karel, who took, “The kitchen is that way, I’m sure you’ll know what do” and got all the food done, fabulously might I add. And- Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who came. I am blessed to have you in life, you made my birthday very special.

Food Lesson: Have it ready, before!

Lesson: Sometimes, less is more.

Tip: Matching booze bottle tickled me pink.

Everything here was virgin. It was ‘add your own booze’ this was great- I thought.

Lessons: Butter-cream+sun=YUCK.

Tip: Dishes box was great-Made it easy to put a lid on things and deal with the  mess the next day.


Lesson: Love doing this stuff so much, I’m back to school for graphic design….

All the cookies are gone. There’s still 27 pounds of candy hiding in my house. I had a wonderful time planning and prepping for this party and I hope do to more of them.

Quite possibly the most important thing….

The Man loved it all.

Major lesson: Make every day count, surround yourself with people you love, smile often and love a lot. (And learn how to photograph parties)


4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to ME

  1. Good job Angel! Everything was beautiful!
    Thank you so much for including us and treating us to such scrumptious delights;)
    Love you and hope to see you soon! xoxo, Lisa, Bear and D – Bubba too but he missed out on more good food;)

  2. You have enormous TALENT, you cook so great, you throw awesome parties, you make your own decorations, and you take wonderful pictures, and all the time you look Beautiful . Are you really human? How does one young lady have so many skills and keep a full time job (s)??
    Thank-you for inviting me, I had a very good time, I have been tickled pink and will always remember the awesome sweet 26 party :>)
    You just keep amazing me!!!!!!!

  3. Jeez,..did I miss a party or what! You always do things to perfection, Melissa. You are so good at this sort of thing and the results are outstanding! You and your party skills rock!!

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