Oh Boy!

And where there’s baby boy, there’s baby shower. Then there will be welcome baby parties, and first birthdays and so on and so on, we’ll cover those at a later date. I love this kid already. Lucky for him I also love his parents and think that they are going to amazingparents.

The theme was green and brown, stripes and dots. My Grandma to be was in change of the food, the Mommy to be made her own cake, so I pushed my way in-decorations. I thought a dessert table would be a great decoration. The dessert table was made up of store boughtcandies, chocolate covered almonds cake pops (below), cookies and  bottle shaped sugar cookies (above). I decorated blank take-out boxes with ribbon and paper to match the event so that people could take their goodies as thanks for coming token.


4 thoughts on “Oh Boy!

  1. Hey Melissa –
    Mitch gave me your blog site awhile ago and I’ve been checking it out. Great stuff! Your food always looks so good — great photography and great descriptions. I will definitely try some of your recipes!
    Keep posting-

    • Hi! Thanks for reading my mess. How have you been? (I working on my writing, can ya’ tell, it’s still not my strong point)

      • Same old, same old — still at MC, but with two new teachers. And now I have two kids 🙂
        Your blog is great — food looks amazing!

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