Dinner for One

Have I told you? I have a fabulous brother. He’s a ‘little’ brother in age the sense of age along.  He’s a genius with words (and money), he day  trader for fun, the kid is traveling almost every weekend, he made friends with Garth Brooks,  he truly loves his family and treasures his real friendships. For a 22 year old, dare I say, man, he’s more well rounded and genuinely happier than most people I know twice his age.  (And I said most, I know I have a lot of pretty dang awesome people in my life)

My brother took me barrel tasting this past weekend. For more info check it out here.

We went to, I think, 9 places on Saturday. I did not partake the other 2 days, I had other plans.  I can honestly admit I don’t dislike reds anymore….who’da thunk it?

It was a fabulous event and I really hope to make it next year, however, I was slightly disappointed when it came to the food part of things. Maybe it’s me, but doesn’t wine go hand in hand with food?  Only one place that had real food, and they served it one of those little cups you put ketchup in at a BBQ joint. Regardless of the strict portion control-it was darn good pulled pork and stone ground white-cheddar grits. The place: Bella. They even had a cave. Caves are cool, so check one out this weekend. One other place had a breadbasket. The other food-providing place was handing out two slices of grilled sausage with a silver of grilled turkey breast along with chips and salsa…Huh?

Just as we were headed back to town my brother suggested one last place, Hop Kiln. And, I was so happy he did. They poured a few different whites, which made me happy. But, even better than the Thousand Flower White Table Wine, which is ultra delicious, was the food. They didn’t give it away and it wasn’t a meal, it wasn’t even a snack. Pretty much anything you could put on a pretzel stick they had, for sale.

This recipes uses the of the product I bought at Hop Kiln, Raspberry-Jalapeno Mustard. I was slightly disappointed with the out come of this aioli, as an aioli, but it did make for some great dressing. I have big plans for this succulent condiment. So stay tuned.

Oh- why dinner for one; because yet again, I was unable to attain someone to feed.

Orange-Ginger Shrimp

2 Tbl Honey

3 Tbl Orange Juice

1 Tbl Orange zest

2 Tbl ginger, minced

1 Tbl Chili paste

½ cup olive oil

Salt and pepper

1 pound shrimp, cleaned, shelled and butter flied

Mix everything together but the shrimp together to make marinade. Set aside ¼ cup of the marinade. Place the shrimp and the remaining marinate in a large plastic zip lock. Shake everything up to coat the shrimp.  Let sit for 30 minutes.

Heat grill or grill pan. Cook shrimp for 2 minutes on each side. Baste shrimp once while cooking with the reserved marinade. When shrimp are done pour any remaining marinade over them and toss to fully coat them.

Red cabbage and, Romaine and Jicima salad with Raspberry-Jalapeno

2 cups shredded red cabbage

2 cups shredded romaine

½ cup  julienned jicima

¼ cup each chopped cilantro, carrot and green onion

3 Tbl Raspberry-Jalapeno Mustard aioli

3 Tbl  orange juice

1 Tbl apple cider vinegar

Combine the veggies together.

Blend the aioli, orange juice and vinegar together in a small bowl

Toss  the dressing with the veggeis

Raspberry-Jalapeno Aoili

2 Tbl Raspberry-Jalapeno

1 egg yoke

1 Tbl sugar

1 Cup olive oil

1 teas smoked paprika

1 teas ancho chili power

Blend everything but the oil in a small food processor.

Slowly add the oil to the food processor while the motor is running


3 thoughts on “Dinner for One

  1. Love you Melissa, your cooking i’ll say makes you the entire package for who will one day be the luckiest man alive. Plus amazing photography skills to top it off. Thanks for the kid words, your an amazing person!

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