BFFs forever- or at least tonight.

When it comes to friends I don’t have many. I like to think this is because when I make friends it’s for life. These two are bestest, maybe not forever but at least for the night. While Cherry could make a BFF with anything in the ‘adult isle’ at the market, Pear, at least this Pear might have a more difficult time. You see, this Pear has a slight aftertaste of soap, so finding it a friend that would enhances its good traits and that would remove it soapish after taste wasn’t easy. Ok, so it wasn’t hard, but it was a dirty, difficult job. The first time I tried to match Pear up I was thinking I would enhance it with something complimentary-something pear-esk. Well, all I could find was pear flavored was Sobe Life Water. While it is a great beverage on its own-light and refreshing- key word light, it let Pear be just as soapy as it could. My first instinct was to toss Pear, run to the store and try something else. Instead Pear went into the freezer, knowing someday the day would come that I would be that desperate; today is that day. Today was also one of the many days I went to the market without a purpose-hints the reason for the pervious sentence. After walking around aimlessly like a lost puppy, I came home with Cherry, otherwise known as Black Cherry diet soda. Because I love bubbles it did not take me too long to put these two together. And so these two met and have been BFFs all night-it might not be a forever relationship but it’s a solid one for the time being.


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