Bite Me Brunch

I really want to love Valentines Day, I really do. I just haven’t had a reason yet…so I  took a selfish spin on this and made a perfectly pink pitty party: ‘Bite Me Brunch’

The food went something like this: whole dessert table, cookies, brownies pops, candy.

A fruit salad with watermelon, strawberries and red apples.

Chorizo frittata

Peach-french toast with maple syrup

With the help of Word I made these cute little tags for anything and everything I could tag.

I made little sausage sammies, seared sausage and Dijon aioli- of course I had to use heart shaped puff pasty

I made the crackers for the sun-dried tomato dip-they were heart shapes. The roasted red pepper and goat cheese sandwiches were heart shaped as well.

And now for the star of the party-The reason this ‘brunch’ lasted 12.5 Hours, THE Lemon-Aid

Party Perfect Pink Lemon-aide


4 cups vodka

1 letter cherry 7 up

1/2 letter club soda

1 carton frozen pink lemon aid

1 cup lemoncello

1/2 lemon juice

Ice  (I made pink ice with a little food coloring)

I rimmed all the glasses with pink sugar. I found the best way to do this was to soak paper towel with simple syrup and  the rim of the glass by stamping the rim on the wet paper towel them into the sugar.


I’m learning how to photograph parties-bear with me-have some lemon aid.


One thought on “Bite Me Brunch

  1. This is the best food/recipe blog I have ever seen, The pictures look so good & like I could reach out and grab some of that WONDERFUL FOOD… GREAT JOB on COOKING and taking PHOTOS You are the NEXT Martha Stewart of our time, YOU HAVE SOME REAL GOD GIVEN TALENT….U ROCK….Your food is filled with love..Our food is medicine, Medicine is our food.THANK-YOU for “FEEDING OUR SOULS” Keep it up!!!!!!!

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