Do you don’t like goat cheese?

I have two friends that swear they don’t do goat cheese. One of these people also claims to not like pork. I made her dinner one night and she asked me how old the chicken was because it ‘just didn’t taste right’. Well, that’s because it was pork. Ops-sorry you caught me trying to trick you.

This story was a little different. I asked if I should make these little sandwiches  with cilantro cream cheese or cilantro goat cheese. Pork Hater said while she didn’t like goat cheese to do whatever I wanted and not base it on here. So, I went with the cream cheese and had my friend print out a  tag reading ‘Cilantro-Cream Cheese and Roasted Red Pepper Sandwich”.  Problem,  somewhere between the fridge and the food processor I lost the cream cheese, especially off since my kitchen is more like a coat closet, but either way the cream cheese pulled a  disappearing act and while my friend wasn’t looking I slipped a log of goat cheese into the food processor.  When it became time to sever these I made sure that both of my goat cheese hating friend had one. After I got the confession of pure delight I laughed hysterically while pointing at them, “And you thought you didn’t like goat cheese. HA!!!”

I know I have some of the best friends in the world because not only are they still my friends but they still eat what I cook knowing full well I’m a lier.

Roasted Red Pepper and Cilantro Goat Cheese Sandwiches

8 slices white sandwich bread, I used some buttermilk type.

1 jar roasted red peppers

1 8 oz. log goat cheese, I suppose you could use cream cheese….

1 cup cilantro

Leave the cheese out for an house or so until it is room tempature

Combine the cheese and cilantro in the food processoe and turn on for 1 minute.

Spread the cheese mi


One thought on “Do you don’t like goat cheese?

  1. DOH! You are right, I loved those sammies. I also love that my nickname is Pork Hater. Lets have another party soon so you can keep me guessing. In my defense… I think it was the roasted red peppers and cilantro that made this sandwich delish. I also think you want to leave the cheese out for an hour… not out for an house ;). Love you

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