Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Goat cheese and artichoke stuffed chicken with a mushroom pan ‘gravy’

IMG_2894“What is the gravy crap you’re feeding me?” A few bites into dinner, “This is pretty good. It can’t be healthy.”

I took it as a compliment. Some day I wish he’ll come to realize that good tasting food can be healthy as well.

This was LOOSELY based on this recipe from cooking light: Artichoke-and-Goat Cheese-Stuffed Chicken Breasts

I added couldn’t find the shallot hiding n the onion bin so I used a white onion. I seasoned the chicken with herbs before searing. I used canned artichokes hearts because I don’t like the frozen ones. Added mushroom to the pan before making the sauce. I used about a cup of stock and added a few crumbles of goat cheese to the sauce for some extra goat cheesey-ness….



Incase you’re wondering this escaped untainted by ketchup.


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