I had a party….

I know!!!!! Real people came and everything.

It was my friend Michelle’s birthday and she likes green….and I like pink and since I used her as an excuse to have a party-the theme was pink and green. Originally this was going to be an outside party-it was great it finally made the man finish the patio we started in the beginning of summer. But you see it rained on my parade. It rained a lot!!! Not so much the day before, or the day after-Just on Tuesday. We moved the party inside and bid good to a wet tee-shirt contest.

The menu went something like this:

Guava-Vodka cocktails

Shrimp cakes with chipotle mayo

Quesidillias with chorizo, green onion, roasted pablano and jack cheese.

A dessert tray (This was on the appetizer table-I have a dessert addiction and my friends are all ok with it)

Shredded chicken and beef tacos

Pine apple ginger rice

Black beans

Apple and cabbage Slaw with Ancho vinaigrette

Desserts: Key lime pie and Chocolate-Peanut butter Cheese Cakes.

Head over to http://haverecipes-willcook.blogspot.com/ for the dilla’ recipe.

And try this: Add green apple slices and lime slices to a pitcher of water; it’s super cute because apple float and limes sink-and the water tastes refreshing and sweet!


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