My Mac and Cheese for a lot

There are some picture-less posts to come. I had pictures but then between my camera and computer they got sucked into the black hole and will never be seen and yes, I’m still not ever it!

Anyways I took last Friday off from my job to work a catering gig (what I really want to be doing all the time and I’m way better at catering than sitting at a desk) Anyways, it was a open-house style high school graduation party- for a super great family! All of their parties have been so much fun. It’s really because they are super people, they have a super family and super friends and a super house. I think there were like 80 something people through the house between 1 and 9. I didn’t hear one complaint (most of them ate outside-maybe that’s why) None-the-less-everyone told me it was great-so thank you ARCCC family and friends!!!!!

Now let’s get cheesy.

6 Pounds pasta, I used penne. I like penne for mac and cheese…let’s not change the name ok.

2 stick butter
1 cup flour
½ cup mustard
2 Tbl. paprika
1 Tbl chili powder
2 Tbl onion powder
1 ½ gallons whole milk
2 pound smoked gouda, grated
4 pounds cheddar cheese, Grated; plus more for the top if you love the people your cooking for
1 pound mozzarella cheese, grated
2 bricks cream cheese

Let’s not pay around here- you know the method..

Boil the pasta, in batches. When each batch was done I put in directly into a chafing dish pan spayed with non-stick. I added a little olive oil and pasta water to keep the noodle from sticking or getting hard. I ended up with 2 of these full, I think they are 13x18x3 but I could be wrong-it happens all the time.

On to the sauce. Use 2 Large pots. I used 2, 7 qt. pots, they were full, really full…
Make the roux, add the spices, whisk in the milk. Bring to boil. Reduce the heat. Add the cheese. Stir a lot, this will take a while the gouda does not like melt. Add more milk if you need it. Then mix the sauce with the pasta.

Top with some extra cheese for fun. At this point I wrapped everything up really wall and stuck them in the fridge. I took them to the party the next day. 1 ½ hours before party time I topped with breadcrumbs and baked at 375 for 1 hour.

YUM! They hardly had any left.


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