Triple Threat Lemon

Lemons are good for you. Cake makes me happy.  Lemon cakes it is.


This came together as an after though on Saturday. When I had fisned making the fig spread, the blue cheese mousse, the walnut puffs, the ribs and the sauce that went with them, I got some crazy idea that I wanted to make a layered dessert.  Lemon tree equiped I went for it.

I have to thank Tartelette for the recipes you will find here:

I have to admit I was a huge skeptic of the cake recipe. It just sounded too east to me. Well, guess what it was easy, but holy crap it was good. I even followed it for the most past!  When it came to measuring the poppy seeds and zest I just coudln’t bring myself to it and I added a few drops of lemon extract because I wanted to and that’s all that was left in the bottle.

The mousse was great too, I followed that recipe the whole way.

I wanted a third layer so I made some more lemon curd. Then I though curd might not hold it’s shape very well, especially since I had to take these on a one and a half hour car ride.  I looked at the can of gelitan I had out of the mousse and figured what the heck-it worked in the mousse-I hope it works in the curd; I’m so lucky it did.

I used this recipe: .  Again I did not think this was going to work, but it was at the end of my cooking day, the cakes were an after thought and I was lazy. So I went for it..followed the directions and all. Some of the reviews are right, it has too much butter, but it went super good on the cakes.   I added 1 tablespoon of gelatin, that had set in 3 tablespoons of water for about 5 minutes, at the end when you take the curd off the heat. Whisked it in and put it in the fridge to cool.

I had 2 mini cheese cake pans that I cooked the cakes it. When the cakes were done cooling I cut them each in half and put a lemon simple syrup on them and waited about an hour for the mouse and curd to cool.

When everything was ready I layered one 1/2 of a cake in the bottom of the mold (using the mini cheese cake pans again) spooned in a little mousse and topped it with a spoonful of curd. Wrapped the pans in plastic and put them in the fridge.

I gave then 2 hours to fully set. The great think about the mini cheese cake pans is the removable  bottom, so they popped right out in perfect three layered tasty bits. My wonderful aunt made some (as in 4 or 5 cups) candied lemon peels that I pouched from her when I arrived.


One thought on “Triple Threat Lemon

  1. Easter was a fantastic wonderess meal, thank you to Karel, Miss Liss, wonderful Joe, and everyone who attended, dam wish I had some of those appitizers and ribs right now !!! Love ya, may you find angel kisses on your pillow….

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