Pre Day.

It’s like pre-game but in the food world. (I assume sports team have a hugely important day with all sorts of physical, emotional and mental stuff-but hard stuff, really hard) For us pre-game starts 3 days before the event. Kayos, stress, anger, yelling and a lot of love. My whole family likes food, real food, big food. Lucky for us there are a handful of us who really like to cook as well. We don’t do all the cooking together and with out saying the host does not want anyone to bring anything-they say it too. We all know better, but we all do it anyways- some of us just can’t show up with a dish or 2 or 3.

Today I made ribs, Toasted walnut puffs – they will be the base for 2 appetizers, one will be filled with slice of pear, drizzle of honey and blue cheese mousse, the other will be filled with a fig spread that I made and a slice of brie. I couldn’t stop there, I went on to make lemon-poppy seed cakes with lemon mouse and lemon curd, topped with a dusting of candied lemon peel. 

I don’t know what will be on the menu fir tomorrow. I hope there will be the traditional tri-tip, grilled chicken, twice bakes potatoes and more goodies. 

So- with that drool worthy thought I’m leaving you (who are probably all my family and remember the event) with a re-cap of my Mom’s 50th Birthday Party food.

This was the largest cake I ever made, almost 30 pounds. And just so you all know-when the recipe is from a commercial place and says in the bowl of a 15 qt. mixer whip 24 egg whites….you cannot do this in your 5 qt kitchen-aid. It’s very messy  and they do not fit! And you kitchen will be covered in eggs!!! 

Have a happy Easter- I will be posting recipes for my Easter goodies and I’m sure some picture of the yummy stuff Karol makes. She does yummy real good. She also does pizza night real well, but don’t ask her about that she’ll beat you.


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