It’s all Grandma Rozy’s fault….

The following story is an example of how my mind works- I blame my Grandma for this. I love to her to pieces. She is great and wonderful. She’s the reason for many things to come. She’s the reason why all packages must come with matching, handmade bows and why I had to make something to give away for Easter. She would have done something on a more grand scale-but all I had was one evening…

jar3I have 2 homes right now. It’s not as a luxuary, it’s out of complete necessity for my sanity. It’s only half way working. I won’t bore you with the details. But at each place there is a lemon tree, at the house it’s a meyer lemon, at the apartment no one really knows for sure but I think it’s a meyer as well. The lemons are sweet and mild. I always buy lemon curd, I just figure it’s easier the making it and by the time I’ve made an entire cake the last thing I wanted to do is make lemon curd to fill it. And well, that’s all I really use lemon curd for.  None the less I wanted to do something with these yellow balls of delicious sunshine, I made a few lemon cakes, I zested and juice and froze a bunch for months when the trees are not so happy, yet I still have a bunch.
It hit me at work on Monday, Easter! What are you going to make you co-workers for Easter? Why something Lemon of course…how about lemon curd. How about lemon curd in cute little jars, cute little jars with ribbon. Cute ribbon lemon curd jars, I know! Topped with black berry jam! YES! That’s it. Lemon curd topped with black berry jam.
Just one problem, no, not the blackberries, my mom pick 3 freezer bags full for me and they are just waiting to be used…What are people going to eat with the lemon curd, I can’t leave them to their own devices for this, what kind of a person would I be if I did that.
Since I love lemon and almond together I went with almond short bread cookies. Then I ran into another problems, lemon curd requires egg yokes…what the heck was I going to make with 10 egg whites…Duh…angel food cake, mini ones.
So the last issue that I had was being at the house…where I have all my pots and pans but none of my cook book. To top it off my computer was at the apartment as well.
So I winged it, it’s what I do best. Except the lemon curd I actually followed the recipe exactly for that. I had to call a friend to have her google it and read it to me over the phone…

Here’s the almost result…just picture it with purple polka-dot ribbon along side a mini angel food cake and almond cookies.

Here’s the madness method:

I used the lemon curd recipe from Alton Brown on food Network. I doubled it and had enough to fill 8 wide mouth jars ¾ of the way with curd.  I let those sit out on the counter while I made the jam. I needed the curd to set a little so they would not mix.

I used 2 cups of black berries and 2 cups of sugar. Boiled that for 5 minutes, added ¾ packet of liquid pectin and boiled for 1 more minute. Turned the stove off and transferred the mix to a bowl and stuck it in the fridge to cool for about 30 minutes.

While the berries were cooling I made up a short bread recipe, I had never made them before and I still have not.  I put 2 stick of butter and 2 ½ cups of sugar in the mixer. Turned it on medium speed and let it go for about 4 minutes. Added 4 cups of flour, let it mix for another few minutes. When I looked in the bowl I figured that whatever was in there wasn’t ever going to be a cookie. All my butter was in the fridge in the garage and I was feeling lazy at this point so I grabbed a stick of cream cheese, some slivered almonds and almond extract toss it all in and turned on the mixer again. What do you know-cookies! Formed them into little disks and cooked at 375 for about 14 minutes.

Then it was time for the cake. I crossed my fingers and hoped that it was 1 cup of each, flour and sugar that god folded into the egg whites I just beat to stiff peaks. Not sure if it was right- but hey it worked.

By the time my curd was set, the jam was cooled, enough, and ready to go in the jars. I used ¼ cup measuring cup to ladle the jam-liquid into the jars. Twisted the lids back on and put them in the fridge.


I wish I had some picture of the finished product but I don’t. I need to get one of those cool little photo boxes everyone uses to get good pictures!



One thought on “It’s all Grandma Rozy’s fault….

  1. Miss. Liss, I nick-named you that when you were just a baby, and here you are all grown up, and still being called that. My sweet one, you are so very talented, I’m sure you didn’t learn it all from me, but dammit, I am going to believe you did !!! I love you, so very much. What ever few things I taught you, you not only learned them, you did them better than I did. Thank you…. I accept the blame proudly. I do miss you living close, but visits are most welcomed, thank you my sweet little girl. Grandma Rozy

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