This is my blog

This is my blog, I hope to feed it and play with it and love it, and good-lord-will I will actually learn how to use it, my camera, photoshop and web design so that I can update this thing.


6 thoughts on “This is my blog

  1. WOW………
    a new kid on the block !!! great recipe, however, the pink is awfully hard to read, however, I know you will do better very soon ! Love the Enzo… I think he needs some Tylenol.
    luvs ya

  2. My goodness!!! This is the best blog I’ve ever seen!!! I think it’s because I truly adore the person that’s writing it!

  3. well Miss Liss,
    after looking at the recipes, I am getting very hungry ! I was going to have a bowl of oatmeal, but your menus look better. Now who can I get to cook all this for me……….oh well, guess I will wait for another Easter. Love the pictures and your comments think I will go shopping, and make some of your chicken and rissotto

  4. All of these recipes sound great and I will give them a try when I get the chance. Loved the catered meal for Nick’s graduation. I noticed that the recipes were not included on your web page. Will they be? If not can you send them to me? Love you and were so glad to see you at the graduation and have a chance to catch up on what is new with you. Now that I have your email and web site I will keep in touch and hope you do the same.
    Trudy & of course Papa

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